Monday, February 21, 2005

A l p h a b e t i c a l

Abandon abbreviated abdomens! Abduct aberrant Abigail! Able Abner
abnormally abolished abominable aborigine. Abort abovementioned
abrasive, absentminded, absurd, abusive academician! Acapulco
accelerated accessible acolade, accompanist accosted. Accra accrued
accuracy, accused acetic Achilles' acidic acorn. Acquaintance acquired
aquittal. Acrobat, across acrylic actress, acts adamant. Adam added
additional address. Adieu, Adkins, administer admiralty! Admonish
adolescent Adolph. Adopt adreneline, Adrienne! Adroit adult advises aerobics.
Aesthetic affairs affect affirmations. Afghan's aflame. Aforementioned
aftermath: afternoon afterthought afterward again. Agatha's agenda
aggravates agressor. Agribuisiness, Ahoy! Airline Airman's alabaster
albatross - albeit alcoholic - alienated Allah. Allied alligators
allocated allspice. Alongside aloof Alpert,


alphanumeric Alsatian , also
alternate alto altogether. Am amateurish, amatory, amazed, Ambassador.
Amelia ameliorates American amethyst amidst ammunition. Amoebas,
amphetamines, amphibians, amplifiers, amputees, amulets, an anaconda,
analysts, anarchic ancestors, anchors and Andean anirons animate
Annapolis. Anneal, annihilate, annotate, announce, annoy annual anomolies.
Anorexia - another answer. Antarctican anthology anticipates antipodean
antique antlers. Anyone - anyplace - anything, anyway, Aphrodite's
apology appals apparent appearance. Apple applicant applies appropriate
appoval. April: Arabic arachnids arbitrate aboreal arcades. Archaic
archbishops are areas, aren't arenas. Argentinian argot: aristocratic arse!
Artichoke article's arty as asbestos. Asexual Ashley's ashore! Askew
asparagus assails assassin. Arsonist associate astounds astronomer.
Astrophysicist at Atlanta ate athletic, atomic attache. Attica attire
attracts atypical audience. Audiotape augments august aunt Aurora.
Australian autobiography avenged average aviatrix. Avocado awakes!
Awesome! Awful axolotl ayes Aztec azure.
--- Nov 5, 1995

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Udge said...

Very amusing, you're going to have trouble with "k".