Monday, December 12, 2005

SLOW FOOD Nov 12, 2004

A soupçon of soup's on the stoop, son.
If I am whistling, it's because I'm about to boil over.
I'm ready.

Waiting for eating's,
not grating, defeating,
we're hating the speeding,
berating the seating.

You are what you eat.
Be slower ... eat slower.

Where is my order? And what is my order anyway? Primate?

If that tomato has no living relatives,
I don't expect to find it by the smell it gives.

Let's relate.
Let's talk a lot about what we ate.

cannoli, carciofi, cannelini,
panucci, prosciutto, panini,
lasagna, legumi, linguini,
zabaione, zuccotto, zucchini.

Maitre d'! How I hate your tea!

Over 30 Billion Served .. slowly.

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Udge said...

Oh, I missed this nine months ago. I stopped dropping by, and was inspired to have another look by Red Eft's party post. (Happy birthday!)

BTW you can get rid of those deleted-post-markers by deleting them twice.