Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Questions I posted for the Candidates on Bill Moyers' site

There are six major related crises impending and in progress right now:

- climactic instability
More intense weather in places not expected, drought, melting polar ice, rain instead of snowpacks...etc.
- the end of cheap oil
basically, the end of the 20th century version of civilization.
- air, soil water degradation
brought on by non sustainable farming practices and externalization of industrial waste responsibility.
- financial turmoil
brought on by the replacement of investment by speculation.
- population explosion
brought on by people themselves and the means to sustain them.
- lack of political will to address these issues
Oh, so many elephants in the room.

As president, you actually have little real power to address these issues - but you should use the "bully pulpit" to educate the world on these issues and work out whatever legislation and treaties and inspire action. These crises are international in scope - much work needs to be done removing international barriers to addressing these problems, and the president acts as our chief representative in the world.

The pointless war being fought today will pale like a schoolyard tiff in the face of these global crises.

How will you address these crises and what advisors will you bring to help you?

I like many others here hope that all the candidates will be asked this question.