Friday, August 17, 2012

Fable (1973 again?)

Once in the land of cotton candy there was a boy named Aluminum. Now there were not many boys at that time named Aluminum, at least not as many as are called that now. Anyway, Alu, as people began to call him, has a deep affinity or poached robin eggs. the robins he stole from liked no this unruly and in their point of view, cannibalistic behavior. So they held a meeting to see what would be done.
 "I move we peck his eyes out!", volunteered a violent radical member of the flock. "May all who commit such acts be so punished!" Most of the members heartily applauded this direct and effective measure.
 They snuck up on Alu in the middle of the night, but the robin who proposed the action crept silently back to his nest. Before they could peck out both eyes, Alu awoke, and chased them off except for a few, which he held for questioning. After grilling them under a 60-watt bulb for almost an hour, one of the robins became a stool-pidgeon. The location of the nest where the plans were made was disclosed, and also the very nest of the culprit was pointed out. Alu came over to his friend Dysprosium, and asked him to assist him. Before the day was over, there were no raw robin's eggs left in the forest.


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