Friday, April 18, 2008

From Time Warner to Me (1993)

Here's a small book of poetry sent to me from Time
Warner Cable.
I have corrected the typography to correspond to contemporary poetic
layout standards. No punctuation has been changed.
— J.H.H.L.

In a city
of a thousand stories,
cable TV has
time to tell them all.

CNN - Thought Provoking and Analytical.

10:45 pm.

was helping Jerry
pack for his business trip
to Chicago.
It was his fifth trip this year.
Even after 25 years of marriage
they still fought right before
he went away.
This way
they didn't have to admit how much
they hated being alone.
They stopped fighting
and listened to the news report
about Bosnia.

THE CARTOON NETWORK - Home to the Top Toon Stars.

3:51 pm.

was watching
Michael and Denise.
After Michael wrote
on Denise's homework with a red crayon
he acted silly
just like that dog on TV.
They all laughed.
They loved Droopy.

HEADLINE NEWS - A Whole Day's News Every Half Hour.

9:32 am.

Like usual
the alarm didn't go off.
jumped in the shower then
threw on her blue suit.
She didn't care if anyone
noticed the wrinkles.
She checked
the ticker.
She checked
her watch.
She'd be right
on time.

TNT - Originals, Sports and the greatest Movies Hollywood ever Made.


Tom and Michelle sat on the couch
eating beef and broccoli
with chopsticks.
They've been living together for two years. She's
a lawyer. He's
a social worker. They both
had a terrible day and
She wants
to reminisce. He
wants a score.

T B S - A Great Place for entertainment.

4:12 pm.

Scott was practicing
his swing with a 9
iron in his living
When he was a
kid the things he loved
to do were
go golfing with his Dad,
watch a James Bond movie and
look at the pictures in National Geographic.
He still does.

At any given
moment in your
life, cable TV
make an impact.